Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crochet Newsboy

This is a darling crochet cap designed for the trendy in vogue youngster. The hat is equally delicious on boys and girls. It is made of soft cotton and breathes easily. Seeing as it is made of cotton, the hat will have some give to it. The style shown here is in chocolate brown. However, it is available in nearly any color you can think of. Please contact me with your size and color choice.
Sizes Available:
6-12 months
12 months-2T
Teen and Adult


SalGal said...

This one is my most favorite! Too bad my melon is so big, I would love to be the first customer from your new website!

Justin said...

I love this pattern. It is so fun and gives a unique look to the traditional newsboy hat.

heather said...

I like the newsboy and the crochet newsboy. I used to have a knit Ernie cap from Sesame Street as a little was my very favorite.